About Bankdata

Bankdata was founded in 1966 and is today a modern IT company with 700 employees.
One of the biggest finance-IT companies in Denmark
The company is centrally located in Denmark, with it's headquarters in Fredericia and development houses in Fredericia, Silkeborg and Aarhus. Bankdata is the one of the largest financial IT development houses in Denmark.
Our owners are our customers
Bankdata is owned by 8 Danish financial institutions, who are also our customers. The financial institutions participate actively in the planning and development of Bankdata's activities.
Total IT solutions
Bankdata provides complete IT solutions for the financial sector. That means all the IT a financial institution needs - including the development of network and mobile banking, credit and advisory tools, support and security.
Technology and innovation
We meet the customers needs for secure and reliable IT and provide innovative solutions to the customers. We are part of the Danish financial infrastructure.
The development and operation
Our goal is to secure the development and service of our IT solutions for our customers so they are fully competitive compared to the Danish financial sector.