Kristoffer Moos - Developer

- It is important for me that I get to control the division of my work between IT development tasks, analysis tasks and business-related issues.

I am educated in IT Product Development from Aarhus University. I work as Developer at Bankdata with a private-economic overview of the credit advisors, which covers retrieval, calculation and presentation of information from numerous sources.

What motivates me?
I thrive in the intersection between business and IT, and I am motivated by satisfied customers and exciting and complex challenges. The working days at Bankdata contains large analysis in collaboration with banks, user interface tasks, architecture and absorption in concrete “coding tasks”. 

Bankdata is experiencing a rapid development where we work agile after the scrum method, which has carried a remarkable change in the working procedure, time-to-market and satisfied customers. It is very interesting to be a part of this changing process.

Why Bankdata?
Before I applied for a job here, I did not know Bankdata that well, but since I have earlier developed IT for Nordea, it was natural for me to continue an exciting challenge working at Bankdata. 

In Bankdata we are close to our costumers, where it is easy and quick to test our prototypes. That is pretty unique. Bankdata has good working conditions, which consider and acknowledge that you have a family at home. I appreciate being able to plan my day, so everything happens frictionless. IT companies usually do not offer this kind of flexibility in work time and workload as Bankdata does. If you have kids, this is a great advantage. 

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