Søren Flø Larsen - Solution Architect

- We have a special unity at Bankdata, and everyone helps each other. I think it is great to see that everyone is contributing and making an effort to succeed. 

I am educated Information Technologist from EUC Lillebælt in Odense. I work with development of applications as portlets to our Employee Portal, which the bank advisors use in advising their customers. I am a part of a team, which delivers the future’s agile platform and framework for development of web apps. It is very exciting and challenging at the same time.

What motivates me?
It motivates me to be able to deliver good results and having the liberty to take on responsibility. I think that Bankdata gives me the opportunities to do so. At the same time, I have some good colleagues, and through collaboration, we challenge each other and create the right solutions.

We are in the middle of an agile transformation, which demands more from the individual employee, customers and management. It is great to experience that everyone contributes to make us succeed

Why Bankdata?
I chose to apply for a job at Bankdata, because it seemed like a healthy company with good values and many possibilities for me to develop. Bankdata’s size also enables me to develop in different directions, which is very important to me.

I do not have kids yet, and therefore I may be working a bit more than most people. That is something I chose myself, because I thrive on it. I know that when I have kids, some periods will be spend on family rather than work. It is good to know that Bankdata also makes room for this.