Confirmation of Funds


Confirmation of funds (CoF) allows third party providers to check if a specific account has sufficient funds at the time of the request. Notice that the request do not reserve the amount for later payment.

Before using CoF, a Conformation of Funds consent (called CoF consent) between the end user and the ASPSP must be in place. The CoF consent is initiated from the TPP.

The CoF product is PSD2 compliant.

Step-by-step how to use the COF product

Initial activities

Enrollment and TPP security need to be in place.

For every end user

  • End user signs CoF consent for the specific account
  • Check Funds for a specific account

This flow shows how to initiate and authorize a CoF consent (including Strong Customer Authentication) and then post the actual CoF request.

Confirmation of Funds flow

Try it out

In order to try our CoF Postman collection, please open your Postman and import these two files:

COF environment file

COF Postman collection file


The sandbox environment uses mockdata for all endpoints. 

Detailed documentation

For more detailed documentation, the Confirmation of Funds YAML-file can be seen and downloaded here:

View our Open API for Confirmation of Funds