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If you want to try out our sandbox APIs, you must be in progress for approval by Finanstilsynet or another national Financial Supervisiory Authority (FSA) for one or more PSD2 services.

Bankdata provides you with a test-certificate. You can not use your own test- or production eIDAS QWAC for sandbox.

In Sandbox you can call all sandbox APIs. And not only the ones you are allowed to call according to your eIDAS certificate.
For live data in Production, you can only access APIs that your eIDAS certificate allows you to.

Bankdata provides you with sandbox credentials, callback URI options and a sandbox certificate.
You can neither use your own test certificate nor your production certificate for sandbox.

Bankdata follows the Berlin Group Specifications on how to implement PSD2 APIs.

Live data

When you have a licence from Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), you can access live data using the APIs.
Until further notice Third Party Providers can access a payment service user's payment account under the same terms as before September 14, 2019.

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