Error codes

Errors encountered specifically during the OAuth authorization flows will be returned in accordance with section of OAuth 2.0 Authorization Protocol. In particular, the 'error' parameter indicates the overall type of error.

Further details about the error can be found in the error_description parameter.

If the error_description string begins with "base64UrlEnc-" , e.g.


then the remainder of the string can be URL- and base64 decoded. The decoded error description will reveal a JSON struct on the form:

{"Description":"A technical error has occurred (error code {0}).","Displayed":"true","Code":"CUR_ERR022"}

Where the

  • 'Description' text (intended for the PSU), in this case indicating that the PSU is not a client in the specific bank
  • 'Displayed' field indicates, if the value is true, that this error message has already been displayed to the PSU in a dialog; otherwise, the TPP client application should show an appropriate error message
  • 'Code' is an error id that specifies the type of error (see below)

The error ids that may be returned in 'Code' can be found in the table below together with their description (subject to dynamically inserted texts for bank names, hot line numbers and error correlation ids.) The error correlation ids (on the form "error code xxxxxxxx"), when present, will be useful for the support to locate and analyze the specific error scenario in server logs.

Error CodeDescription
CUR_ERR021A technical error has occurred.
CUR_ERR022A technical error has occurred (error code {0}).
CUR_ERR023An error has occurred in the system. Please try later or contact Hot Line at {{bank}.hotline}. Report error code L001.
CUR_ERR024A technical error has occurred (error code {0}, error description: {error_description}).
CUR_CAN021Login cancelled.
CUR_LOCK21We are sorry, but you cannot log in as your access has been blocked. Please contact Hot Line at {{bank}.hotline} or your relationship manager.
CUR_CAN002You have cancelled login.
CUR_CAN003Authentication session has expired.
CUR_SRV001A technical error has occurred. Contact {{bank}.name}.