API resources

Each product has a business description, a downloadable YAML-file and a Postman collection that describes the purpose and the use of the product/API.

Berlin Group Standard

The solution follows the Berlin Group Standard version 1.3 (errata included).

For more specific documentation on the Berlin Group Standard, you can download documents in pdf format here: (See under: Available Document/Core PSD2 compliancy)


All authorization (e.g. consent and payment) follows the OAuth2 SCA Approach with explicit start of the Authorization process. 

Server Names, sandbox and live data:

Member Bank:OAuth 2 Authorization Server:Resource Server:
Djurslands Bank

Jyske Bank


Nordfyns Bank

Ringkjøbing Landbobank

Skjern Bank

Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn


Are you looking for other banks than the banks above?

Here are links to customers for the 3 financial IT-hosting centers in Denmark:
Danske Bank and Nordea have their own hosting center.

API call with Postman

In order to try our APIs, you must install or update Postman. Then you will need to download and import our Postman environment file. And finally, you need to download the concerned Postman collection and you should be ready to go. Postman environment files and Postman collections are available under each product.